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Unicorn Gold Toilet Spray


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Protect your porcelain throne from the smell of death while doing your business using this Unicorn Gold toilet spray. This non-toxic spray is designed to capture unpleasant odors above and below water, so that your bathroom always smells fresh.

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Product Details

Pootanicals is a line of perfumed accessories for your pot. These useful amulets transform unpleasant odors into aromatics to make your bathroom even more pleasant. Three easy steps. 1. Spray water in the bathroom. 2. Do the same as you. 3. Smile and enjoy a scented bath. Made to be friendly with your friends and the environment. That is why we use natural essential oils WITHOUT parabens, WITHOUT phthalates, WITHOUT aerosols, WITHOUT alcohol and WITHOUT formaldehyde. Our product is safe for sewage and septic tanks. No unicorns or animals were injured when testing our products. This product should only be used on the water surface of the toilet. Not on your body or any other surface. Created and bottled in the USA. Precautions: Avoid contact with eyes. For external use only; don't swallow. Stay out of the reach of children.


  • PURE ESSENTIAL OILS - Captures odors below the water level, leaving a fresh aroma in the environment.¬†
  • MADE IN USA - Non-toxic ingredients.¬†Sewer and septic tank are safe.¬†Never tested on animals.¬†
  • AVAILABLE IN THREE UNIQUE ARRANGEMENTS - Cherry Blossom, Lemon Drop & amp;¬†Lavender and vanilla
  • LONGEVITY - Suitable for 200 sprays or about 1 month for the average untreated person.¬†
  • FRAGRANCES FOR GIFTS - Our bottles decorate any vase with its exuberant watercolor prints.¬†There's nothing in the design but a mural on the back, so you'll be proud to display them at home.¬†
  • Cherry Blossom is a natural blend of cherry and vanilla that brings a fruity flavor to your estate.¬†

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