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Universal Cleaning Gel


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If you value cleaning, this versatile cleaning gel is essential for your life. This versatile gel is not only pleasant to use, but also has a pleasant lavender scent, does not irritate the skin and is ideal for use in everything from the interior of the car to the workplace.

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  • 🐋 ColorCoral cleaning gel, simple and convenient cleaning kits for PC / laptop keyboard 💻 and other durable surfaces such as car ventilation, camera 📷, printer 📹, mobile phone ☎, calculator, speaker , air conditioning, TV 📺 and other appliances. 
  • 🐋 Made of biodegradable gel, does not stick to the hands, smells sweet with lavender scent 🌾, absolutely does not irritate the skin. 
  • 🐋 Make sure your hands are dry and clean, 👉 Take a piece of cleaning gel, 👉 Mix in a ball, slowly press the cleaning gel on the keyboard, at the air outlet of the car and on the solid surface, and then remove, the dust will be carried away while cleaning the gel. 
  • 🐋 This keyboard cleaning gel can be used several times until the color is dark or sticky, so you will need to replace the gel with a new one. Store cleaning gel a in a cool place after cleaning. (🚫: do not wash the gel in water)
  • 🐋 In the packaging: 1 * universal cleaning gel, we offer 💯 100% money back guarantee 💰 if you find that the package is broken, clean the gel is dirty or any other quality problem, please contact us via message✉, we promise free replacement and full refund👑. 

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