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Unspillable Pint Glasses


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Avoid making a terrible foul at a party by drinking beer from one of these unpoured glasses. This sturdy glass has a special base with smartgrip technology that adheres to any smooth, flat or hard surface, but makes it easier to pick up the glass.

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Product Details

How many times have you relaxed with a drink when it suddenly toppled over? It is not so relaxing! It is even worse when red wine is spilled on the carpet, craft drink on the laptop and the good old whiskey in the pants. Well, Mighty Mug ended the madness. Keep the old dishes away! Able to withstand 360-degree shocks, the Mighty Mug doesn't tip over on impact, but rises naturally when you take a sip. Unlike normal cups that fall and spoil everything around, the Mighty Mug was designed and engineered to prevent spills and provide the best drinking experience. Whether you're working at your desk or drinking with friends, Mighty Mug has the perfect glasses to suit your lifestyle. No gift ideas? This travel mug is the most innovative water bottle on the market! Available in a variety of colors and styles, the Mighty Mug is the only brand of coffee cups that uses Smartgrip technology. This feature prevents the drink from tipping over on impact, but allows the mug to rise naturally when you take a sip. Smartgrip does not stick and never wear out. Finally, there are no more spills! This powerful mug is great for home entertainment and will even stay on boats, trains and airplanes. You can use it for adult drinks or any cold drink of your choice. Mighty Mug Barware can be washed in the dishwasher and free of BPA. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Mighty Mug was featured in hundreds of media outlets, such as Good Housekeeping, The Verge, Newsday, CBS, The Meredith Vieira Show, ABC, Unbox New York Times and others. About the product: Developed by a team of mechanical engineers and designers who spent 3 years perfecting the Mighty Mug and its patented Smartgrip technology. When placed, the Mighty Mug creates a powerful air lock that allows it to be effectively held at impact. As soon as you take a sip, the decompression chamber will open immediately.


  • It will not fall with the impact, but it will increase 100% naturally.¬†Smartgrip never wears out and is guaranteed to work on any smooth, flat surface (such as your home or boat table).¬†
  • Have fun without worrying about spills damaging your clothes, furniture and carpet.¬†
  • Don't mess up important documents and don't worry about your electronics.¬†
  • Can be used for all cold drinks.¬†Stay safely on boats, trains and planes.¬†

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