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USB C Mouse Jiggler


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This USB C mouse pad is a must-have for anyone working at home.¬†This ingenious gadget is designed to move the mouse pointer at random, so you don’t get “idle” when you’re not really at your desk.

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Product Details

100% undetectable: this mouse pad was designed to be recognized by the computer as a normal mouse. No one in your IT department will find anything unusual, you can quietly run your own business. Optional ON / OFF switch: Unlike other mouse handlers, the Vaydeer mouse stick is constructed with an optional ON / OFF switch. Just a simple click and the mouse pad will start to work, click again and it will stop working. No more connecting and disconnecting, avoid damaging your computer's USB port. Wide compatibility: the Vaydeer mouse engine is compatible with most major operating systems, such as windows7 / 8/10 / iOS / Linux. No drivers: This mouse mechanism is plug and play, no driver is needed, just connect it to your computer, click a button and you're done. Warranty: We offer a 12 month hassle-free warranty for this mouse wiggler. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have. We look forward to offering you the best products and services. WARNING: turn off the pointing device when you need to use the mouse. Specifications: Product model: FM3011 Stem size: 29 * 75 * 15.2 mm / 1.14 * 2.95 * 0.60 in. Net product weight (g): 29 Material: Bottom cover: ABS Case: translucent matte PC color: black Package included: 1xMouse Jiggler


  • „Äź100% undetectable„ÄĎ When connected to a computer, this mouse pad is recognized as a normal mouse, not an unknown USB device, so your IT department will simply detect another mouse and your computer will remain active while you take care your business.¬†
  • „ÄźOn / Off Switch Unlike other mouse pads on the market, the Vaydeer mouse pad is more comfortable to use with its unique on / off switch.¬†Just a simple click and the mouse paddle will start or stop working, protecting your computer's USB ports from damage caused by constant connections and disconnections.¬†
  • „ÄźPlug and Play„ÄĎ No driver is needed to move the mouse, just connect it to the computer and click the button, the cursor will move automatically.¬†No tedious, easy-to-use software installation.¬†
  • „ÄźWide compatibility„ÄĎ The Vaydeer mouse supports the most popular computer systems, such as Win7, Win8, Win10, iOS and Linux.¬†
  • „ÄźReliable, but delicate.¬†„ÄĎ Made of high quality translucent ABS plastic, this mouse wiggler is not easy to break.¬†With a matte pattern on the surface, the mouse wig looks like a work of art.¬†And you can see a beautiful blue indicator that is lit and blinking.¬†The blue indicator will light up when connected to a computer and will blink while working.¬†

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