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Utility Tool iPhone Case


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If MacGyver had an iPhone, he would have used this case. Although the case matches the slim and elegant profile of the iPhone, it contains 22 cleverly hidden tools that you can pull with a touch of your finger to solve any situation.

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Product Details

Protection with function. TaskOne G3 is the perfect protective case for your smartphone. Conquer your life with TaskOne G3. With 22 stainless steel tools embedded in a sturdy aluminum and polycarbonate case, why choose a flat and useless case when you can have protection AND work with TaskOne G3. Large aluminum buttons provide easy access to tools. The polycarbonate, aluminum and silicone rubber U-bands provide superior protection for your phone. Stainless steel tools provide access to everything you need, whenever you need it. Features: - 2.5 '' blade with teeth - 1.8 '' saw blade - Pliers with clamps and holes for 3-6 mm hex screws - 5 '' ruler (1/8 '' split ) - 6 wrenches (1/16 '', 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6 mm) - Two-spoke wrenches - Small and large screwdriver for stripping wires - Phillips screwdriver - Universal blade assembly reciprocal saw blade - Double footrest for horizontal and vertical orientation - Bottle opener


  • Aeronautical grade aluminum and polycarbonate case for iPhone 5 / 5S to protect your phone.¬†
  • 22 tools made of hardened 440C stainless steel.¬†
  • Easy access to all buttons and tools with convenient low-profile sliders.¬†
  • The sliding cover fits perfectly on the phone with two zips.¬†
  • Weighing only 115 g, the phone is only 6 mm thick.¬†

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