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UV Light Sanitizing Box


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Keep your daily use as clean as possible by placing everything in a UV disinfection box. This modern must-have is equipped with a series of true UV-C LED lamps that eliminate 99% of the dangers in just a few minutes.

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  • potPowerful security screen - updated device equipped with 8 real UV LED lamps that can help eliminate 99% of invisible hazards in just 3 minutes, making everyday devices easy to handle.¬†EPA establishment number: EPA Est. No. 96933-CHN-1.¬†
  • perfeitoPerfect size for everyone - Larger and deeper design for cell phones up to 6.5 inches (fits Phone 11 Pro Max, Sam sang Note10 or similar size cell phones).¬†Now you don't have to remove your phone's cover before work.¬†Inner size: 7.4 * 3.5 * 2 inches.¬†Be sure to measure the size before buying.¬†
  • ‚ö°Use your gadgets - 3 minutes is all you need to complete the operation, much faster than the first generation.¬†What's more, the new mirror design along with the support provided can provide optimal performance.¬†There is more space inside the box for glasses, jewelry, watches, car keys and headphones for a complete disinfection bath.¬†When not in use, the box can be used to store small office supplies.¬†
  • semWireless charging - The UV light box is also a wireless charger for any IQ-enabled iOS / Android device (compatible with Phone 8 or newer, Sam sung S7 or newer and other phones with Qi support).¬†Just place your smartphone on top of the box and enjoy a cup of coffee.¬†
  • autom√°ticaAutomatic protection - the lamps inside the box automatically turn off when you open the cover, protecting you from exposure to light.¬†Feel free to keep our certified product on your desk.¬†However, we still recommend that you keep your device out of the reach of children.¬†

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