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Voice Remote Controlled R2-D2


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The R2-D2 with voice remote control is the android you need! This R2-D2 bot responds to more than 40 commands and also has its own peculiarities, how to act without specifying how the real R2-D2 is. This R / C R2-D2 will be a great gift for Star Wars fans.

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Product Details

This is one of the friends that will certainly be useful! Your R2-D2 interactive astromechanical droid figurine comes with all sorts of features to help you fight the dark side - or just have fun during the day. This addictive little friend walks, spins, “dances” and plays music, “remembers” and reacts to famous Star Wars characters, keeps his room, plays some games and can even find you and follow you! And with incredible features like a beam of light, infrared location sensors, adaptive droid status indicator, rotating dome, motorized steps for indoor operation, drink holders and manipulator and special "secret" features, this figure is sure to keep you going the fun Light years!


  • Reacts to voice commands. Reacts to famous Star Wars characters, plays various games, stores drinks, can find and follow him, moves on his own. 
  • Supplied with light beam, retractable auxiliary arm and special secret functions. 
  • In game mode, R2 plays several games and spins, dances and plays music. 
  • Requires 4 AA and 4 D batteries (sold separately)
  • From 8 years old
  • Responds to voice commands
  • Reacts to a famous star Wars characters, play various games, hold drinks, can find and follow you, move alone
  • Comes with a beam of light, expandable auxiliary arm and special" secret "functions. 
  • In game mode, R2 plays several games and spins, dances and plays music. 
  • Requires 4 AA batteries and 4 D batteries (sold included). 
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