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Watch Movement Cufflinks


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These beautiful watch cufflinks are a great way to complete your business set. On the outside, these elegant cufflinks are made of 316 stainless steel, while the inside is made with an intricate 18K gold-plated bezel that will surely catch your eye.

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Product Details

Frame cufflinks with rhodium-plated PVD coating and automatic working mechanism. The skeletonized movement, bathed in 18K gold, is contained in a rhodium-plated PVD-coated case. The metal outer parts are made of 316 stainless steel with hand mirror polish and without welding marks. The hand-cut CNC incrust 348 hearts and CZ stones from the arrows in the cells and 2 Precious crystals in the crowns. To provide more protection, the cage is equipped with an innovative anti-fall mechanism. Each cufflink has an independent serial number for easy identification and identification. Each pair comes with a personalized retro box, microfiber polishing pad and a heart-polished international card guarantee. The product was carefully selected and passed 100% IQC & QC in our factory before shipping. Reasonable diameter 22 mm, weight 25 grams / pair. Providing super comfortable clothes! Dich Creat offers free shipping via DHL / UPS / FedEx / TNT / Aramex or DHL Parcel / DHL eCommerce. We guarantee 5-10 days of arrival at your mailing address after receiving the order and payment. If you prefer, send the cufflinks by express mail. Please provide your phone / cell number for contact and leave us a message. Thank you for your cooperation.


  • Imported
  • Cufflinks with frame mechanism with rhodium-plated PVD coating and automatic working movement.¬†
  • The 5-year warranty gives you the freedom to purchase and use for a long period.¬†
  • 18K gold-plated automatic skeleton movement enclosed in a rhodium-plated PVD box;¬†The hand-cut CNC sets a total of 348 Hearts and Arrows CZ stones in the cages and 2 Preciosa crystals in the crowns.¬†It looks very luxurious and attractive.¬†
  • To provide additional protection, the cage has been designed using an innovative fall arrest device;¬†The metal exteriors are made of 316 stainless steel with a high-quality, hand-made mirror polish and no welding marks.¬†
  • Each cufflink has an independent serial number for easy identification and identification.¬†

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