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Waterless Car Wash & Wax


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Thoroughly clean your reliable car, even if you can’t find a hose nearby, with this car wash and water-free wax.¬†It is made with a chemically modified formula that makes your car look new, while protecting it from water and dirt.

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Product Details

Our Waterless Wash & Wax formula reliably removes dirt and grime from surfaces using a sophisticated emulsification process developed by our chemists. The formula is applied directly to a dirty car and combines the washing and waxing process for amazing results! Includes spray trigger - for easy application.


  • Protects paint - in fact, as it works very well on alloys, glass, plastic, rubber and more, it also protects them.¬†We use premium carnauba wax in a formula that not only leaves a dazzling shiny shine, but also protects the surface from the elements to which your vehicle is exposed daily.¬†
  • Water repellent - we repel it chemically.¬†developed this formula from scratch.¬†One of the main resources we focused on was achieving the perfect finish with water pearls that we all seek.¬†Since water cannot adhere to the body, it is difficult for any dirt to settle, making it easier to keep your vehicle clean and risk free.¬†(This also looks really cool).¬†
  • Sustainable - many people are unaware that when using a traditional hose and hose & amp;¬†The method of cleaning a car with a pipe requires an average of 480 liters of water.¬†This is crazy!¬†Our formula is classified as ‚Äúnot dangerous‚ÄĚ, it is biodegradable and does not spill, so it is environmentally friendly, without the need for H2O!¬†Caring without water is the future of this industry.¬†
  • UV Protection - Keeping your vehicle clean will help a lot in protecting your paint from UV and other corrosive elements.¬†We recommend doing a maintenance wash regularly at least once every few weeks to keep this layer of hydrophobic wax.¬†
  • Sealed with foil - to arrive at your location in perfect condition.¬†
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