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Weather Forecaster Storm Glass Bottle


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Forget the apps and predict the weather in a visually engaging way with this meteorological glass bottle for meteorologists. Elegant and functional, this decorative piece will have one of three equally attractive patterns, depending on the temperature.

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Product Details

You need to know: 1. When the crystals gradually disappear, it means that the climate will be warm. when there are star-shaped crystals, it means that it will snow. when the number of feathered crystals increases gradually, it means that the weather will be rainy or cloudy. when the liquid becomes cloudy, it means that the weather will be cloudy and gloomy; when the liquid is clear and transparent, it means that the weather will be cloudless. Crystals take 1 to 2 weeks to adapt to the environment from the moment they receive the item. And avoid direct sunlight or air conditioning, the weather bottle may not hold up! Characteristics: Most crystals, precipitation and other conditions predict sun, cloudy, fog, storm, snow, wind and other weather conditions. Helpful hints: not as accurate as the weather forecast. Use it as a beautiful piece of glass art with a small preview function! Package included: 1 piece of storm glass 1 description 1 wooden base 1 elegant gift bag


  • 1. PRODUCTION PRINCIPLE is a weather forecast tool.¬†A clear solution consisting of a variety of chemicals sealed in an airtight glass container.¬†The crystals will take different shapes depending on the temperature and the climate.¬†
  • 2. ELEGANT DESIGN AND DECORATION - The elegant design of the teardrop-shaped storm glass makes it the ideal focal point for your home.¬†Designed to decorate living rooms, bedrooms, office, children's room, etc.¬†
  • 3. BEAUTIFUL PATTERNS - Different patterns are created depending on temperature changes, the magnificent designs created create stunning decor on any desk or dining table.¬†
  • 4. MYSTERIOUS GIFT - The unique shapes and patterns that are formed by the crystals when the temperature changes, demonstrate mystery, charm and impressive impression.¬†It is a unique and unusual gift for the New Year, Birthday, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Wedding, Mother's Day, Father's Day and so on.¬†
  • 5. TEMPERATURE CHANGE - It's better if you can.¬†Placing the item anywhere can cause differences in temperature, air pressure, etc., so it can change depending on the weather.¬†

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