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Weightlifting Strength Band


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Lift weights without hurting your shoulders by swinging the iron with this strength weight lifting belt. This not only protects your shoulders, it also allows you to push 10-15% more than your maximum and also ensures the correct technique.

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  • FOR BEGINNERS OR PROFESSIONALS: No matter what skill level you have or what your fitness goals are, Original Sling Shot was made for you. Get ready to sweat and take your training to the next level with this premium level 3 expander.
  • TAKE ANYWHERE: no one wants to carry free weights in carry-on luggage. Instead, take this exercise bandage with you. Take it easily on vacation, at the office, at the gym and back home. Fitness equipment will never be more compact and portable than that. 
  • MULTIPLE USE: Want to get more out of weight lifting, bench press, push-ups and more? Ready to get up harder and get in better shape? This is the perfect resistance range to help you build muscle at a fast pace while maintaining optimal shape, so that each movement produces better results. 
  • STRENGTHENING: If you want to maximize your results at the gym and accelerate your fitness goals, this is the perfect product. You will be able to gain strength and strengthen your body quickly. Get ready to do more reps and sets faster than ever. 
  • CONVENIENT: we know that nothing can ruin a workout like uncomfortable clothes and fitness accessories. That is why we have created a bracelet that does not tighten, irritate, curl or break your skin like other resistance bands. You can sweat easily with our Sling Shot exercise bracelet. 

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