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Where’s Waldo Mural


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Make sure your productivity drops by decorating your office with this Where’s Wally mural. This new mural turns an entire wall into a giant page from an iconic children’s book, allowing you to see everything in great detail.

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Product Details

Transform your child's room with this fantastic wallpaper mural from Where's Wally Beach. Ideal to hang in your child's room for a fantastic finish every time. 3.15 meters wide and 2.32 meters high. Created in January 2015, 1Wall's creative collage is a revolutionary way to decorate. 64 individually designed wallpaper panels can be used on walls, ceilings or wherever your imagination takes you. The product is easy to hang, without experience, without clutter, without overlapping patterns and creates incredible and unique walls.


  • Mural with the theme Wally. 
  • Excellent print quality on special wallpapers that can be removed. 
  • Includes necklace. 
  • Fast and easy to apply
  • Cut to & nbsp; 

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