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Whiskey Stones


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Say goodbye to thinning cocktails once and for all, chilling them with whiskey stones. By adding some of these stones to your drink, you can keep it cold for a long time, without worrying about constantly adding ice.

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Many people drink a glass of fresh, cool white wine during the day, while others drink good alcohol at night, and almost everyone cannot live without a cup of hot coffee earlier in the day. Sparq whiskey, wine and coffee help keep drinks cool and hot. After a few hours in the freezer, throw some stones in your favorite alcoholic drink and try how they take the piece of your drink without diluting the flavor. Soapstone is a natural stone created by the earth that has been used for centuries for its temperature retention properties. The real soapstone is inert. Alkalis and acids will not affect you like granite, marble or slate. This means that the soapstone will not react to any liquid you choose to throw and will not react to any household cleaning product. Sparq stones are also non-porous, perfect, tasteless and free of bacteria. Add some stones to the wine after a few hours in the freezer and you will no longer have to worry about mulled wine (we do not recommend using stones with delicate glass, your glass may break) or throw them in your coffee or tea after a few minutes in the microwave. The stones can be frozen or heated, but they are not intended to be used as mini freezers or cubes that cause freezing temperatures. They cool or gently heat the desired liquid, but most importantly, they maintain the desired temperature for much longer periods of time. Made in the United States.


  • Set of 12 soapstone whiskey stones;¬†3 stones 1-1 / 4 "and 9 stones 15/16" cubic
  • resist temperature without dilution;¬†the stones never wear out or lose the ability to maintain the temperature.¬†
  • Soapstone is non-porous, odorless and tasteless;¬†it will never contain bacteria.¬†
  • Can be frozen or heated for use with bourbon, whiskey, whiskey, white wine, champagne, coffee or tea.¬†
  • Dishwasher-safe.¬†

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