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Whiskey Tasting Glass With Chilling Base


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This glass of whiskey tasting with a refreshing base will revolutionize the way you drink your favorite spirits. It has a metallic soft drink base that keeps the drink cold for up to 30 minutes, and the glass helps to reveal the most sublime notes of a wide range of liqueurs.

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Product Details

Peugeot 266097 Stimulating whiskey tasting set. Includes cordial glass and cooling pad


  • The glass will reveal the most exquisite notes of a wide range of liqueurs, including whiskey, cognac, armagnac and rum.¬†The set includes: a glass of whiskey, a cooling rack, a rack of dishes.¬†
  • The smart metal cooling pad is designed to cool alcohol for at least 30 minutes.¬†and avoid temperature spikes in ice or cold water;¬†For best results, leave the metal base in the freezer for several hours before using.¬†
  • The smaller narrow hole allows for greater concentration of whiskey aromas.¬†
  • There is no need for water to open the whiskey;¬†Elegant curves help to release subtle flavors, while a central dome separates the liquor and prevents alcohol vapors from reaching your nose.¬†
  • Usage: Whiskey spill must be less than the central dome.¬†Caution: hand wash;¬†Warranty: 2 years from the date of purchase.¬†

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