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Wine Aeration Straw


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To prevent your pearly whites from getting dirty while drinking the juice of the grapes grown while drinking wine with this wine aeration tube. It is made of FDA grade aluminum and has a micro-door aeration system to ensure the best taste.

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Product Details

The Vino Diva Wine Aeration Straw allows air to enter your wine through a patented micro-door system to ensure perfect aeration with each sip! You will be surprised to taste the full bouquet of your wine without waiting. Try the wine as it should be, discovering all its flavor the moment it reaches your palate. The Vino Diva aeration straw not only provides perfect aeration, it also helps to protect your teeth from acidity and stains from red wine and coffee! Goes well with wine napkins. Now you can enjoy your favorite drinks while maintaining a bright, white smile. The slim and elegant charcoal design of the Vino Diva is as functional as it is elegant. The length and narrow diameter of this reusable straw have been specially designed for maximum comfort. Coffee lovers can make their coffee aerated or simply turn the Vino Diva tube upside down and enjoy airless coffee drinks. Unlike other regular sized straws, The Vino Diva Straw is ideal for portable cup lids. The Vino Diva aeration straw comes with a carrying case and a cleaning brush to keep it clean and always at hand. Every woman has a "little black", now every woman needs a "black straw"! It works like this: take a sip from the "V" side and your wine will be perfectly airy with each sip! Drink on the "C" side and there is no aeration (use for coffee ... ideal for all portable coffee cups). In any case, you will no longer stain your teeth. Supplied with carrying case and cleaning brush. There is no more lipstick on the glass. And enough of lips touching unhygienic public glassware in bars and restaurants. Fabulous sock! The perfect straw for real housewives. Large red wine aerator with merlot Keep out of the reach of children.


  • ~ Maximum aeration with each sip ~ Patented micro-door system ~ Turn to cold coffee & amp;¬†all drinks.¬†
  • ~ Keep your teeth white & amp;¬†protected ~ Great for coffee ~ Great aerator for red wine with merlot
  • ~ Case & amp;¬†cleaning brush included.¬†~ FDA grade aluminum for lifelong enjoyment
  • ~ Elegant, slim design ~ Charcoal black, smooth finish ~ Reusable metal straw ~ Matches well with wine wipes
  • ~ See others our list is for (6) party set.¬†

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