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Wine Dispensing Purse


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Get drunk on the road without arousing suspicion carrying your wine dispenser bag. Feeding your debilitating alcohol addiction, the wallet allows you to store and serve wine wherever you are Рso you never have to sober up again!

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Product Details

Baggy Wine Coat gives popular Bag in Box wines a casual yet elegant look. Just take the wine bag out of the box, place it in the Baggy Wine Coat and close the flexible lid. There is room for an ice pack if you prefer to cool the wine. The rubber bottom ensures that the Baggy Wine Coat does not tip over - neither on the dining table nor on the lawn. If you want to take your wine, just take the pen and go! Practical and aesthetic solution for all packaging wines! Do you want to use Baggy Winecoat for drinks other than wine in a box? Pay attention to the disposable beverage bag! Now you can serve your own cocktails, juices and other drinks in the stylish Baggy Winecoat!


  • Dimensions: 10 "x 13" x 6 ". This wine jacket is designed for a 31-bag wine bag in a box.
  • The hole fits all taps standard and is easy to lift and carry behind the wide soft rubber strap.
  • The strap can be adjusted by rotating or folding and stays firm on a non-slip rubber base.
  • If the wine is served chilled, there is room for a cold bag.
  • Fill with any beverage you want when using the disposable beverage bag (sold separately).

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