Wine Glasses For Big Noses


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Thanks to the innovative design of the big nose glass, you can finally place your giant nose in the glass. The exclusive glasses have a hand-carved rim to facilitate consumption and enhance the wine’s aroma.

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Product Details

This crystal wine glass is designed to be the only truly versatile glass for red or white wine, strong or light. Its unique hand-forged carved frame really enhances the wine drinking experience. its unique shape guarantees a quick and efficient aeration of the wine ... It captures and deeply captures the aroma of the wine. Note that 90% of the taste and aroma come from smell. Be part of the new trend in wine tasting!


  • The only truly versatile wine glass in the world. 
  • 20-ounce bowl, 16-ounce and 9 1/2 "high net cutout.
  • San Francisco Museum of Contemporary Art.
  • Made at Czech Republic.
  • 24% lead crystal.