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Wine Siphoning System


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The wine siphoning system allows you to access your wine without ever having to remove the cork – so you can drink the wine by the glass instead of in its entirety – extending the life of your most precious wines.

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Product Details

For centuries, the cork had to be removed to enjoy a glass of wine - this season is over. The Coravin System is a revolutionary new technology that allows users to pour wine without losing the stopper of the bottle where it has been since the first time it was sealed at the winery. Now you can enjoy your best and favorite wines by the glass whenever you want and be sure that your wine will be protected until the next glass. Now you can share and enjoy the same bottle or bottles over and over again, for weeks, months or even more - without losing a drop. How do we do it? When installing the Coravin system, a fine, hollow needle is inserted through the stopper to extract the wine. The cylinder is then pressurized with argon, an inert gas contained in the air we breathe. When the pressure increases in the bottle, the wine flows through the needle and spills into your glass. After the wine has been served, the needle is removed and the cork is closed. The Coravin System is best suited for natural cork stoppers, including agglomerated or multi-piece natural cork. It is not intended for use in synthetic caps, as it is unlikely to seal completely. If using a system with a synthetic cap, store the bottle upright. Synthetic lids allow some oxidation and can leak if stored or spilled. The Coravin 1000 System cannot be used with metal, glass or screw caps.


  • The new technology of access to wine allows you to enjoy wine without pulling out the cork.¬†
  • Enjoy the wine in the glass without opting for the entire bottle.¬†
  • Get creative with your food.¬†and pairs of wine;¬†Enjoy more sophisticated wines anytime;¬†Compare and contrast different wines;¬†The options are endless.¬†
  • Elegantly packaged in a gift box that can be used for storage or transportation.¬†
  • Includes Coravin 1000 System, two (2) pressurized capsules, wine bottle sleeve and storage space.¬†base

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