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Wing Chun Kung Fu Training Ring


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Improve your form and technique with this Wing Chun training ring.¬†This stainless steel ring is 8.26 “in diameter, 0.7” thick and will help you develop the ability to use your hands effectively in tight spaces.

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Product Details

This device helps to develop the ability to use the arms in tight spaces, keeping the elbows in the midline. It teaches the user to keep the hands under the mandrel, the torso and the horse straight and sustainable, the correct posture and the work with the feet strong, but fast. Helps keep your arms drawn to your elbows when performing arm maneuvers. The use of the wicker ring teaches the use of the force that emanates under the elbows and teaches the practitioner to fight with constant force acting on bridges, as in a real combat. Wearing a bamboo / rattan ring will create a relaxed force, instill the correct fighting stance and allow for the correct speed and ching. It is also very effective in teaching the feeling or sensitivity skills that are an integral part of Chi Sau. Smaller rings are for closer elbows in workouts that relate more to hand-to-hand combat and wrestling. Taan Hiun, as it is called in Cantonese, is usually associated with the Wing Chun Kung Fu system, but it is actually one of the Jongs, or wooden teaching aids inherited from the Shaolin temple. It can be seen in several southern kung fu systems, especially those associated with the Hakka people, who tend to focus on close-range combat and central line control. Its use is more common in the Wing Chun system, but this device is also used in other styles like Chow Gar, Bak Mei, Bak Hawk Pai and others. Its use will benefit practitioners of any style of martial arts.


  • Weight: 0.2 kg.¬†
  • Material: stainless steel.¬†
  • Size: 8.26 "(21 cm) ID, 0.7" (1.9 cm) thick.¬†A great Christmas gift for your friends.¬†or family
  • An excellent subject to teach Wing Chun, it helps to teach the practitioner to keep his hands properly tied when attacking and defending.¬†It also helps to strengthen the forearms.¬†
  • Soft and durable stainless steel bumper.¬†Chun mannequin in good performance.¬†Original strength training in Chinese martial arts.¬†

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