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Wireless Wooden Keyboard & Mouse


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Add a natural aesthetic to your workstation with this wooden wireless keyboard and mouse. It features a reliable 2.4 GHz wireless connection with a mini receiver that allows you to connect the mouse and keyboard via a single USB port.

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Product Details

Special note: When you insert the batteries into the keyboard, the indicator on the keyboard flashes red.¬†After a second, the light will go out.¬†When you use the keyboard, the indicators are unlit.¬†The mouse and keyboard share a common receiver, with the receiver inside the mouse.¬†Steps to pair the receiver: Keyboard: 1. Open the keyboard battery cover at the bottom and install the batteries correctly.¬†2. Press "ECS" plus "+ / =" for one second to enter keyboard mode to enter the code.¬†3. Insert the USB receiver into the computer's USB port for 10 seconds, bring the keyboard as close as possible to the receiver.¬†When the indicator goes out, the process has been successfully completed.¬†Mouse: After equipping the mouse with batteries, you must press and hold the three buttons left, center and right for 5 seconds.¬†During this process, the light on the back of the mouse first blinks red and then goes out, which means that you have successfully paired the mouse.¬†If the code is not installed, repeat the steps above.¬†Common keyboard / mouse pairing problems: 1. When the battery charge is insufficient, the code cannot be matched successfully.¬†2. If the indicator lights do not operate normally, check that the batteries are installed correctly.¬†3. If the mouse or keyboard does not work, check the distance between them and the receiver;¬†keep them as close as possible.¬†Keyboard size of the keyboard: 314 * 135 * 12.5 mm (L * W * H) (L * W * H) Operating temperature: 0 ~ 55 ¬į Batteries: 2pcs AAA batteries Certificate: FCC, CE Mouse This product is a high-speed mouse reporting rate that reaches 125 reports per second.¬†Application: laptop and desktop Mouse size: 94 * 62 * 35 mm (L * W * H)


  • 35% smaller - The KG101 wireless keyboard is 35% smaller than a full-size keyboard, but offers all the features of its larger counterpart.¬†Easy to transport.¬†A tiny nano-receiver for connecting keyboard and mouse (when you need to toggle the number keys, press the Num Lock key.)
  • Automatic suspend: it goes to sleep.¬†/ sleep mode if not running for 10 minutes, energy saving and saving.¬†Pray any key to wake you up.¬†
  • Durable: Use a bamboo wrench, light and very durable.¬†It offers a useful life of more than 50 million operations, ideal for typing.¬†
  • Windows specific design: wireless keyboard perfectly compatible with Windows 10/8/7 / Vista / XP.¬†Supports PC, Laptop, Notebook, Smart TV, with no additional software or configuration required.¬†
  • A vintage, modern and elegant gift for all creative people, business professionals and co-workers.¬†(Note: the keyboard and mouse are made of real bamboo, and the color and texture of the wood may vary or have natural markings - this is normal and is an integral part of natural raw materials).¬†

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