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Wood Camouflaging Powerstrip


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Camouflage strips of wood grains keep all your electronic devices connected without sacrificing the decor of the environment. Powerstrip comes in a variety of wood tones, so no matter what type of wood flooring you have in your home, you will find the right one.

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Product Details

Surge protector in dark oak. Safely converts 1 socket into 6 sockets protected against overvoltage. 450 Joules overvoltage protection. 3 feet. Grounded cable with main power switch for easy one-touch operation. Wall mounting. 15 AMP circuit breaker. Invisiplug naturally matches the appearance of your wooden floor. Don't mess up the floor if you can get an elegant look with Invisiplug!


  • Invisiplug naturally matches the appearance of your wooden floors.¬†
  • Don't mess up the floor when you can achieve a clean look with Invisiplug!¬†
  • Invisiplug wood extensions combine harmoniously with wooden floors.¬†

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