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Work Sharp Benchstone Knife Sharpener


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The sharp knife sharpener makes it easy to keep all blades sharp in your tool magazine or workbench. It has a Tri-Brasive reference stone, swivel base and 20 ° and 25 ° guides so that you are always in the perfect position.

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Product Details

The Work Sharp Benchtop Benchtop Stone is a 3-way angular abrasive sharpening system. Medium to fine-grained diamond inserts quickly restore a sharp edge, while fine-grained ceramic stone creates an incredibly sharp blade on any knife. The innovative Pivot Response System allows the abrasive to follow the curve of the blade, making manual sharpening faster, easier and more accurate than ever. Sharpen guides are interchangeable at 20 ° or 25 ° and are optional. The pivot response can be locked to provide a rigid sharpening surface for a wide range of knife and tool sharpening applications.


  • PRECISION, CONSISTENCY: the sharpening guides can be set at 20 or 25 ┬░ or removed for freehand sharpening.┬á
  • TRIBRASIVE REFERENCE: 3-sided abrasive grinding system with angled guides.┬áQuick indexing between large and small diamonds and fine ceramic stones.┬áMedium (400) and fine (800) diamond inserts quickly restore a sharp edge, while fine-grained ceramic stone creates an incredibly sharp edge on any knife.┬á
  • ROTARY RESPONSE: The abrasive follows the curve.┬áblades to keep in touch and get the best results.┬áThe function can be blocked to provide a hard sharpening surface for a wide variety of knives and knives;┬átool sharpening applications.┬á
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