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World’s Lightest Solid Matter


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The lightest solid in the world is more attractive than diamonds or gold, it really is a unique substance. This solid, developed by NASA scientists, is 99.8% air, but can withstand extreme heat and 1000 times its own weight.

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What you get You will receive the silica airgel particles in a glass container with a volume of about 2 ounces, as shown in the photos. Airgel sale. It is an ideal inventory for many experiments in science labs or scientific exhibitions. Excellent chemical gift Incredible gift for science Joyful teaching tool Sweet sock, Christmas gift • A gift for a science teacher • Facts Airgel is known by many names: blue smoke, solid air, frozen smoke, but it's called a solid more lightly known in the world. Airgel is also the most efficient thermal insulator in the world, 39 times better than the best fiberglass insulator. NASA uses airgel to capture cosmic dust from comets aboard the Stardust spacecraft. Dust used to evaporate on impact with solid particles and pass through gases, but now they can be trapped by the airgel's heavily woven nanostructure. NASA also used airgel to isolate the space vehicle and space suits. Just like the US Navy Seal dresses to keep divers safe and warm. Airgel is fragile, but very durable under pressure. Airgel is also extremely hydrophobic. It is a high quality, inexpensive and affordable airgel. It's great for fun science experiments, and silica-based airgel is non-toxic. Although irritating to the eyes, skin and respiratory tract, small particles of silica can cause silicosis if inhaled. Therefore, it is recommended to use protective equipment including respiratory protection, gloves and goggles. Keep out of the reach of children


  • The lightest rigid, extremely hydrophobic in the world
  • The insulator is almost 40 times better than fiberglass. 
  • NASA used airgel in almost all missions. 
  • This is great for fun scientific collections and experiments. 

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