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World’s Smallest Bike Wall Rack


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When it comes to size and versatility, it’s hard to beat the smallest wall mount bike rack in the world. This high quality clip can be mounted on almost any vertical surface or wall, so you can hang your bike vertically or horizontally in your home.

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Product Details

“The CLUG bicycle clamp is the smallest bicycle storage solution in the world. It is a stylish and almost invisible bicycle storage solution, perfect for cyclists with limited bicycle storage space. CLUG magically has less weight than the kiwi. Press the bike against the wall by pressing the front tire while the rear is on the ground. Just roll your bike and DOWNLOAD. It's like a hug for your bike. Features: The CLUG packaging is as minimal and useful as the product itself. In the box you will find all the hardware necessary to mount the CLUG on the wall. Supplied with two screws and drywall plugs (except MTB, XL and XXL, which must be installed directly on the wall beam). For beginners and DIY aficionados, each CLUG package folds up to provide a useful setup guide. You can even drill pilot holes to put dust or debris directly into the box. Installation: it's very easy! Just follow the instructions inside the box or click on the link below to view the steps online. The clamp is secured with two screws and anchors (included). You will get up immediately and throw yourself. In the box: a Clug Bike clip, two screws, two drywall anchors, installation guide, model, ideal for: mounting type: horizontal or vertical MTB: mountain bikes or bicycles with thick tires Tire width: 42-62mm (1 , 8-2.5 inches) Hybrid: Hybrid, Commuter and Mid-Range - Smooth Range Tires Tire width: 32-42mm (1.5-1.75 inches) Roadie: Road, Touring & Race Bikes Tire width: 23 -32 mm (1.0-1.25 inches) XL: XL Mountain bike tire width: 58-69 mm (2.3-2.7 inches) XXL: XXL Mountain bike tire width: 70- 81 mm (2.75-3.2 inches) Note. When installed vertically, the Clug requires the rear tire to rest on the ground. The Clug does not support the weight of your bicycle. "


  • The smallest bike rack in the world. It can be easily mounted on any type of wall or vertical surface. 
  • Attach your bike vertically or horizontally to any surface. For vertical installation, the rear tire must be on the ground. 
  • Five sizes are available to fit most bikes (Roadie, Hybrid, MTB, XL and XXL). 
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. space, increases the floor area, minimum profile. 
  • One TRUNK per bicycle; no hooks, straps, steps or other necessary hardware. All mounting and installation hardware is included. 

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