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Zelda Master Sword Multi-Tool


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Walking alone is dangerous Рget this Zelda Master Sword multifunctional tool! It is designed in the style of the legendary sword of the classic game and comes with 4 useful tools Рbottle opener, knife and Phillips and Flathead screwdrivers.

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Product Details

Every video game hero needs a sword to fight evil, and this majestic Sword Multi tool from ASOBU is perfect for that. So if you encounter irritating bottle caps or loose screws, the Sword Multi tool is your ideal weapon in times of need. The tools included with the Sword Multi tool include a knife, bottle opener and screwdriver. The sword has a retro 8-bit design, which makes it look like it's made of pixels. The Sword Multi tool can also be attached to any set of keys. The Sword Multi tool is 7 cm long and 2.5 cm wide when all instruments are folded. This makes it a useful gadget for any demanding gaming fanatic. 8-bit games have been synonymous with the rise in popularity of home computers since 1983. Arcade games have become iconic and the popularity of characters like Pac-Man and Tetris has skyrocketed.


  • The Handy Sword Keychain is perfect for any game fan.¬†
  • The key ring includes tools: knife, bottle opener, Phillips screwdriver and flat-head screwdriver.¬†
  • 4-in-1 portable multifunctional key ring
  • Never be too prepared!¬†

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