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Zelda Playable Ocarina


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Now you can play with the focus instrument of the best game of all time – Zelda: The Ocarina of Time. This twelve-hole ceramic ocarina musical instrument looks and works just like the Zelda video game, and also comes with a songbook.

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Product Details

The players are excited because we have a package made just for you! The 12-hole Tenor Ocarina set and the Zelda Songbook are made for video games. This 12-hole high-quality ceramic ocarina is handmade and inspired by The Legend of Zelda, as if the chrome detail of the golden triangle of Triforce didn't make it obvious! It has a tuning range from A4 to F6 with clear and sharp sound and focused tone. In keeping with the theme, this high-quality copy of Zelda comes complete with the first volume of the Zelda songbook and an online instruction booklet. Don't waste money on low quality imitations that appear on the market. Our ocarina Zelda is precisely tuned by professional musicians and handmade to look and sound like no other. Features: --- Inspired by the Legend of Zelda --- ocarina of 12 holes --- Range of tone A4 to F6 --- Handmade in high quality ceramics --- Triforce triangular band plated in gold plated --- Adjusted by professional musicians for the best sound --- Includes online instruction booklet and volume 1 of the Zelda songbook.


  • The most authentic replica of Zelda Ocarina
  • Beautiful sound
  • Available only in STL Ocarina. 
  • Free online instruction booklet

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