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Zero F*cks Coins


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Now you can literally give a damn about these Zero Fucks coins! Available in a variety of designs, there is no better way to show how little you care than to throw one of these offensive coins at someone.

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  • Literally, don't give a shit about shit with this novelty. A great gift for your friends and others. Made in the United States! 
  • 10 collectible copper colored coins. Each Zero F * ck Coin is shaped like a quarter. It depends on you whether you want to give AS ** t or not, it depends entirely on you! 
  • sculptural dog poop with the inscription "United States of Zero F * cks / 0 S * it" (FORWARD) - The inscription "ANUS PLUMPSUM" (REAR)
  • Each coin has a diameter of 1,073 inches and 0.07 inches thick (a little more than the US quarter). Best challenge coin! 
  • Great novelty or toy for a game! As seen on Kickstarter! Note that this product contains the word F and the word S. In addition, dog poop. 

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